Angry Gods And Dragons

Noodle Shop of Horrors

A short session.

Facing the noodle shop owner and his helper, it is hard to tell who is more surprised. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the elderly gentleman is Tan Gun, dragon god of good. Morgan recognizes him instantly, and various characters see through his guise.

Tan Guns helper reveals himself to be the dragon Won Hyo and currently has his fat body and tiny fangs wrapped around and sunk into Lyle’s leg.

A series of questions ensues as the group establishes the current story, and relates the information they have on Yul Guk and Treager. As this info is being digested, along with some fabulous noodles, a sinister presence begins to surround the shop. Tan Gun transforms into his true dragon shape (huge sinuous white body with a colored neck ruffle). Many of the characters receive a boost to their attributes, and everyone feels the presence of a “god-like” power that they never realized they possessed before.

What is the presence outside the noodle shop?
Where did the power come from?
How do you get Won Hyo to stop chewing on Lyle?

What do you do?



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