Angry Gods And Dragons

A Divided House - Angry Gods and Dragons



Lyle draws the attention of a Lt for the army of Koryo. He moves to the front next to the wall.

Adele and Obelis

Kalak comes to visit them in his tent. He asks them to gather information by visiting his mother – the mother of dragons – Hawat. Karak gives Adele a coin that she can rub when she wants to go visit. He then sends Adele and Obelis as emissaries so they can get into the city to collect the rest of the party members.


Start in the reading room with the Queen and Interior Minister. They find a secret door behind a bookcase that leads to the Well of Souls. Traveling a short way down, they find the twin suits of armor from the last choice.

Adelle, Obelis, and Lyle

Approaching the city, Adelle and Obelis see Lyle and join up – unwillingly. They go to the command tent of Koryo, and he is actually there – not looking like a dragon. Just like Kalak, he wants information so he gives Lyle a scale that he can rub to take him and his companions to Duncan. Duncan is a young dragon that is not attached to the conflict. Koryo says that he cannot track the other party members and cannot tell them where to look for them.


After being asked to make a choice, the group decides that the good dragon god should compete against the elder god of evil. However, they don’t have a magic item. The closest item at hand is the scepter of Queen Kristen.

Where we are now.

Adele, Obelis and Lyle are headed towards the Castle of Queen Kristen hoping to meet the other party members. Others (everyone else) are presumably headed to the treasury to appropriate the scepter and any other jewels that may be “lying” around



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