Angry Gods And Dragons

More Gods, Great


With single minded purpose, Obelis leads Adele and Lyle to the castle where they are reunited with the other PCs.

Unfortunately while making their way across the city, the other PCs in the castle (Rubix, Hawk, and Korvus) tried to convince Alvina and Queen Kristen that they should give them the Scepter of the Kingdom – the most powerful magic item they knew of. Their reasoning was that it could save the kingdom. Alvina said no, and the Queen left the chamber.

Now altogether, the PCs were escorted to chambers for the night. Rubix received a note as the evening meal was being cleaned away, that led her to the scepter – not sure who gave it to them, but possibly the queen was involved.

The scepter turned out to be inhabited by the spirit of Morgan who claims to be the great (x10) grandfather of the Queen. He also is a worshiper of Tan Gun, the good dragon.

As they were discussing what to do, the party was attacked by pillars of darkness that extended tendrils towards the characters. Morgan stated that they were from Grundfos, the evil elder god. Weapons were only partially effective against them.

Sensing the danger, Adele rubbed the coin given to her by Kalak and they were transported to an idyllic setting where they met Hawat, the mother of the elder gods. She didn’t have a lot of information to share, but did provide an image (a scrying) of Treager and Yul Guk contesting with some spherical chaotic being. They gave the rod of command to it and as it was destroyed, the chaos lessened but did not go away. Hawat also scoffed at the idea that Treager and Yulguk were working together.

Hawat sent them back to Kalak’s tent, and the party decided to try the coin that Koryo gave them to see if Duncan had any more information. Duncan seemed a little upset to see them, but did reinforce the information given to the party by Hawat. Duncan sent them back to see Tan Gun (good dragon), and now the party finds itself in a small inn (More like a street cart with a roof) facing an elderly Asian gentleman working over a large pot of noodles.

Unanswered questions:

Why are the PCs given the task of making the choices?
What is the chaos sphere?
Why are Treager and Yul Guk working together?
How tasty do they think those noodles are – it’s been awhile since lunch?



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