Angry Gods And Dragons

We've All Got Powers Down Here

Tan Gun, the dragon god of good bestows on each member of the party a portion of his power before fading and diminishing to nothingness. Wan Hyo and Morgan cry in despair to see their friend and deity leave them.

As Tan Gun fades, soldiers of Koryo and the city guard enter the main entrance to the shop and Grundfos manifests in the back of the shop (along with his dark pillars). Battle ensues and the PCs flex some of their powers. Hawk uses his speed to rescue people from the dark pillars, Obelis uses her ability to protect others to shield Lyle and Rubix. Korvus uses his ability to calm and Baklance a situation to pause the fighting for a few moments. Boris uses his ability to control metal to put the noodle pot over the top of Grundfos – realizing as he does so that it is more than just a pot.

The party escapes just as Kalak arrives and starts battling the soldiers of Koryo. Escaping down a stair into the basement, they discover a passage leading into tunnels under the city. Lyle uses his power to research any library to find an old map that shows that they should be heading to the Well of Souls.

Making their way to one of the many storerooms under the ancient inn, the party successfully sneaks up and into the kitchen behind the bar. From there things get a little chaotic. Lyle turns invisible and sneaks out into the common room. One of the kitchen helpers yells it’s them and runs out the back door pursued by various party members. Rubix decides that it is time to speak with Treager and Yul Guk and uses her new power to collect up pints of beer from unsuspecting patrons.

The kitchen help is corraled, and true to form, Trager and Yul Guk make an appearance. When confronted by the party they are in no mood to reveal much. Now the group appeals to Duncan with the knowledge that they have. He tells them of the City of the Dead. A place long abandoned when the dragons first started apprenticing to the gods. It was however a place of primal magics and does seem like it could be where Treager and Yul Guk have been seen when scrying. He sends the party there, but warns them that his knowledge is sketchy and he cannot guarantee where they will end up.



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